Singer/songwriter/television personality Drea Dominique returns with her latest single “Waiting.” The track follows up the success she’s had on numerous Hip Hop and R&B websites. Branching away from her Bad Girls image, Drea Dominique delivers a ballad that is sure to capture the attention of those who can relate to the struggles of being in a relationship with someone who keeps you waiting. While fans can enjoy the single for the time being, they can look forward to Drea Dominique doing some acting in the visual as well as an appearance from Inkmonstarr, who adds some street hustle to the song. In addition to her work on Bad Girls, Drea Dominique has also appeared in videos for Snoop Dogg, The Dream, Baby Bash, Robin Thicke and others. Daniel Leung has just released a three single combo. The first single is entitled “Closer”. “Closer” relies on an acoustic guitar. It’s slow over R&B music that has a strong dependency on pop/folk. R&B hailed from southern jazz and so did country. So this song is standing on the shoulders of the off-shoots of R&B’s origins. “Angel”, sung in Leung’s mellow tenor voice, is soothing. This song is reminiscent of Minne Riperton’s style in “Loving You” where acoustic guitar was the only musical accompaniment. Despite the limits of the musical composition the song was successful. The same holds true for “Angel.” However, “Angel” feels different, but the overall effect is to leave you grasping the feel for the concept of an Angel being waited for, giving and receiving love. Meanwhile, “Serenade” is about as seductive as they come. It’s filled with enticing lyrics that pull the guard down. He repeatedly asked his seductress to serenade him all night. It’s a very appealing request. A woman knows that if he’s not requesting her voice, he’s at least requesting her presence. Combine these lyrics with the strums of an acoustic guitar and you have a winner. If the above listed tracks are any indication, Leung has a bright future ahead of him. Finally, R&B sensation Nassy Javontee delivers the ballad “Tell Me What You Want.” This beautiful celebration of music is the perfect romantic getaway from everything going on. Javontee’s lyrics are smooth, well-written, and an ode to the timeless allure and essence of love. With a laid-back beat and unique production, this track should be a must on you R&B and slow song playlist. Listen to “Tell Me What You Want” below.

This song is the propety of Nassy Javontee.