Houston based artist Bel-Ami just released his debut album ‘”Muse(ic).” The project places him as the muse within the Muse(ic) alongside the album’s spiritual message. The album opens with a poignant spoken-word piece with overlapping thoughts bringing forth the message of being a city on a hill that cannot be hidden and letting one’s life so shine. Sonically, Bel-Ami stays true to the core elements of the neo-soul sounds popularized by Floetry, Jill Scott and Erykah Badu. Bel-Ami fuses those sounds with modern gospel riffs and jazz standard sounds. The clear presence of real sounding instruments lends itself to both the authenticity of the sound and the message of the project. His vocals, much like salt that never loses its saltiness, also shine throughout the multi-faceted production of the project. A smooth tenor, Bel-Ami fixes his sound in the sweet spot of his falsetto, which is a stronger, richer falsetto than most of his peers. There’s no struggle to hit or sustain notes as he glides through the album’s sounds and messages of the 9 tracks. Simply put, Bel-Ami is one to watch. Singer Corio released the single “Phone Off” in September and shows no signs of slowing down. He unveiled a music video for the track, which was directed by Nemo Achida. The clips perfectly mirrors the track, following the charming casanova on a journey of lust and desire. Previously known as YNL Capone, he has released the projects “The Let Go”, “10 Hours”, “Amore” and “First Class.” He also released the 2020 singles “Go Harder” and “Vietnam.” Now, he’s taking center stage again with “Phone Off.” Without question, “Phone Off” is a must add to any R&B fans’s playlist. Singer/songwriter Cecily just released the single “Spirit Tell Me.” “Spirit Tell Me” is the product of Cecily and singer Mushinah, both of whom are singer/songwriters. Cecily has won two Wammie’s (Washington DC area music awards). “Spirit Tell Me” is taken from her two part EP, “Awakening Pt. 2.” “Spirit Tell Me” is the kind of song that sooths the soul and lifts the spirit. It’s definitely a must add to your playlist. Listen to “Muse(ic)” by Bel-Ami below.

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