R&B sensation Carlehr Swanson takes center stage with her new single “I Want You.” On the track, her deep nearly bass voice holds the long notes with ease as multiple male voices create a pleasant layer of sound imitating groups like The Four Tops, The Impressions and The Drifters. Her voice is unique but enchanting. Her vocal undulations add great texture to the song. Swanson is a recent Miss Virgina Talent Winner and a jazz vocalist studies major at the University of Miami. She’s a pianist and vocalist who combines all her education in the delivery of this old school sound. Stepping a little to the left, she moves into R&B/Hip Hop with much of her music, yet this is her first release, a reminder of the days when R&B groups consistently topped the charts. This is her debut with professional music. She’ll be releasing her debut EP soon. In the meantime, fans can enjoy “I Want You.” Alia Lene just released the single “Die For You” via DistroKid. The song is a declaration of commitment to her man. Alia sings this song with intensity and you can hear the joy in her voice. The artist may very well be in love. It comes true with the depth of feeling in her voice. Without question, “Die For You” is a must add to any R&B fan’s playlist. Up and coming R&B singer/songwriter Maia Zaka just released her debut album “Speak Up.” The talented 19-year-old, who sites Drake and Ariana Grande as inspirations, co-produced the album alongside Stephan Oberhoff, who works with Quincy Jones, David Foster, Barbra Steisand and many other industry veterans. The 15-track project showcases Maia’s singing and songwriting ability. She’s definitely one to watch. Independent R&B artist Miss Washington just released her new EP “F.A.T.E. (Deluxe).” Her smooth, sultry and soulful voice denotes back to old-school female vocalists. Influenced by her love of Gospel, Jazz, and old-school R&B, hints of Stevie Wonder, Kim Burrell and Anita Baker can be heard in her music. Miss Washington was involved with the writing, composition and production of her EP. “F.A.T.E. (Deluxe)” is an incredibly personal piece which takes you on a relationship journey. Starting with the first few notes of “Fantasy”, you can hear the joy and hopeful tones of a new relationship. Miss Washington’s voice carries you through the rollercoaster of emotions and thoughts that come with time. The twists and turns can be heard in tracks like “Change” and end with “Truth.” “F.A.T.E. (Deluxe)” is yet another body of work that fans will enjoy for years to come. Listen to “I Want You” below.

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