Singer Avehre steps into the spotlight with the single “Bullet Proof.” “Bullet Proof” is a socially conscience song that addresses police brutality’s scourge that continues to engulf the nation. The R&B sensation has released a provocative and groundbreaking ballad from a millennial perspective. R&B legend Gladys Knight discovered the young NAACP Award winning singer/songwriter. The song echoes the sentiments felt by people of all colors, races, creeds, national origins, political ideologies, and sexual orientations. Avehre grabs you with every powerful lyric. He strives to use his voice as a platform for social change, one that gets people’s attention and forces them to not turn away when injustices happen right in front of them. It’s never too late to do the right thing and maintain a positive outlook, even amide national fear, political division, and especially systematic racism at the hands of law enforcement and other entities. This powerful message continues to resonate with listeners across the social medial realm. From young to old, Avehre has crafted a song that illuminates and educates the mind while questioning the status quo and establishment. The BLM movement and social justice warriors have shaken this country to its core. “Bullet Proof” is a must for listeners who have long felt they did not have a voice or did not matter. Listen to “Bullet Proof” below.

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