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It’s been quite a while since fans heard from husband/wife duo Kindred The Family Soul. Their unique messages of marital and community love have often been countercultural to what is often heard on the radio, but have struck a chord with and been an inspiration for millions of people living their daily lives. And those messages have been draped in nearly two decades of fantastic songs and vocals to match. On their latest single, “The Best Things”, the couple takes a moment to give a prayer of thanks for the blessings they’ve received, even in a year that at times has seemed devoid of any blessings. Leading off with an acoustic guitar and a steady groove, “The Best Things” is a mellow number that recognizes the difficulty of a world that seems to be both divided and filled with loss, but steps back to equally acknowledge what else there is: the gifts of the people we love and the positives in the world around us. So, as we ruminate on the losses of 2020, the song urges us to move forward with commitment. This is just the kind of message some people need to hear this year, and it is no surprise that it comes from a duo that has always found love in each other and the life they live. “The Best Things” is taken from Kindred The Family Soul’s forthcoming project. No word on when it will be released.