Singer/songwriter Donell Jones returns to the airwaves with his new single “Karma (Payback).” The song is a reminder of what R&B used to be. Well written and arranged music with heartfelt lyrics that anyone could relate to. The song contains soulful, soft melodies that you may still love the person who broke your heart but you want them to feel the way they made you feel. If you’ve ever gone through a bad breakup, this song will resonate with the deepest parts of you that you thought you locked away in a closet. Perfect for a study session or just the song you need to hear to remind you to never text that guy or girl back again, Donell Jones will help you get over whatever you’re going through by reminding you that what goes around comes around. He even touches on hiding your phone, and I think we’ve all been down that road before. “Karma (Payback)” is a must add to your playlist. Singer Matt B returns with his new single “Swipe.” The song is a throwback to those who grew up on club era Usher. No matter whether you’re having a bad day or you just have that one person who loves to hate but also loves to watch you, “Swipe” is the song for you. Coming in with confidence, Matt hypes your ego enough to walk in the room with your ex like you own it or go for the promotion even if you don’t feel you’re ready. Add “Swipe” to your playlist and save it for when you’re mad at your boss or you want to make some boss moves. While it’s been said that haters are fans, this song says it in a way that is both laid-back and throwing just a little shade at that person. And you will think of one when you hear this song for the first time. Matt B has a hit on his hands and it’ll be interesting to see what he does in the future. Listen to “Karma (Payback)” below.