Positive vibes is what we all need right now, and Brooklyn singer Ambri delivers just that with her new single “Too Early.” With its Afro-Carribean beat and smooth vibe, this critically acclaimed single featuring hip hop artist Kevin AntoniYo is sexy and fun and puts you in a positive mood. The beat takes you to the Carribean islands and this song is definitely one you can dance to. The uplifting sounds and smooth verses blend together seamlessly with Ambri and Kevin’s added touch. The music video featuring the pair vibes perfectly as she shines a positive light on life, relationships, and storytelling. This track was intended to be upbeat and fun and Ambri certainly delivers in that regard. Many fans consider Ambri an underrated artist who deserves more attention than she receives. She is an artist who relies on her storytelling to share her art that appeals to the masses. She has demonstrated that she has the ability to write lyrics and deliver soulful vocals as well. Ambri not only represents a positive direction in her music, but her leadership as a new pioneer in the music industry is remarkable as well. Angelica Vila takes center stage with her latest single “Love Too Hard.” The song expresses that we can love too hard, feel too much, and look past red flags because we tend to crash in relationships badly. The Roc Nation signee is experiencing success by repackaging the old 90s and ’00s nostalgia of R&B with a sound that’s sensual and seductive. The young latina continues to make waves in the industry and helps her listeners navigate love and relationships through her label in the R&B genre. Originally from the Bronx, New York, the singer is trying to enter a space that needs to be filled by R&B singers who bring passion and energy to their music and never miss a step when it comes to choreography. The track emanates old school vibes narrating the the ugly realities of love and relationships. It conveys what most women would do when they’re caught in a serious relationship, have difficulties and struggles, and are forced to make tough decisions which are sometimes heartbreaking. “Love Too Hard” is a must add to any R&B fans playlist. Singer/songwriter Shatia Nerisse steps into the spotlight with her latest release “Deep Love.” The song expresses fierce love with a beat that could compete with and rival other mainstream artists in the same genre. Empowered, snappy and confident, her soprano voice has the vibes of commanding men to take her seriously and rebukes their sleezy ways of being in a relationship. The beat of the music implores the power of a woman who secures her heart and takes no games in relationships. The lyrics of the song imply no drama when it comes to love, the “you want me go get it” is what emanates from her idea of relationships. The song speaks of a direct approach to love. It talks about a woman who has never fallen in love before, but got hooked within the confines of her feelings towards another person. She is willing to ride with him but still, she chooses to be protective about he peace, particularly her heart. Shatia is one of the pioneering collaborators of the LektroMelodica, which produces music that characterizes a musical hybrid of electronic and acoustic instrumentation with a heavy emphasis on melodic songwriting. Wise released this single as a passion project for her listeners to hear her story and experience her love. She treats this project as her way of expressing her emotions through music during her journey as a songwriter and singer. “Deep Love” can be found on Spotify and Apple Music. Listen to “Deep Love” below.

This song is the property of Shatia Nerisse/Groove Control Recordings.