I’ve always believed that one of the elements of a great band is the bass player. The bass player provides the bottom that can make you snap your fingers and pat your feet long after a song is over. With that in mind, I’ve compiled a list of bass players that never cease to make bodies move.

  1. Larry Graham (Sly & The Family Stone/Graham Central Station)
  2. Louis Johnson (The Brothers Johnson)
  3. Marvin Isley (The Isley Brothers)
  4. Mark Adams (Slave)
  5. Marshall “Rock” Jones (The Ohio Players)
  6. William “Bootsy” Collins (Parliment-Funkadelic/Bootsy’s Rubber Band)
  7. Joyce “Fenderella” Irby (Klymaxx)
  8. Janice Marie Johnson (A Taste Of Honey)
  9. Bernard Edwards (Chic)
  10. Ronald LaPread (The Commodores)
  11. Terry Lewis (The Time)
  12. Bobby Watson (Rufus)