Music lovers who enjoy soulful, jazzy songs topped with eclectic folk sounds will love the single “Simple Pleasures” by Brettina. The song is indeed a pleasure to listen to because of its simplistic yet intricate composition. The contrasting combination works wonders as Brettina’s vocals glide over the instrumentation to convey the message of the song. Brettina’s singing style will remind one of the powerhouse vocalists of yesteryear, namely Anita Baker, Natalie Cole, and even Sade. Yet, she makes a clear stylistic choice to dial it back and yield to what the song itself is demanding. The song’s message is one of taking the time to notice and appreciate the things that we often overlook while hastily navigating our daily lives. The message is a fitting one for the sound and the story of “Simple Pleasures” is artfully told. Needless to say, Brettina has a long and illustrious career ahead of her. Singer Jazmine Sullivan just released the single “Girl Like Me.” The song, which is a collaboration with singer H.E.R., is a whole mood women’s anthem that’s sure to remain in heavy rotation for some time to come. It’s Sullivan’s first single of 2021, and due to her recent releases, she has fans yearning for an album to culminate a new body of work that will speak truth and strength. She continues to display an unparalleled vocal prowess. The pairing of the two vocalists on “Girl Like Me” makes the listener experience every raw emotion with their gritty tone, and effortlessly blended harmonies. The song is the embodiment of every woman who feels she’s been replaced by another woman who’s fallen victim to the almost unachievable beauty standards set by today’s society and media. The lyrics hit like a bolder and while fans wait patiently for an album, they can enjoy the female empowerment anthem. Rising Pop/R&B singer Brandon Showell just released his long awaited EP “Scripted.” The Virginia native gained national attention as a contestant on the NBC talent show The Voice as a member of #TeamAdam. Since wrapping the show, Brandon has performed at various venues up and down the east coast, and occasionally released cover songs to hold fans over. On “Scripted” Showell leans into the classic sounds of R&B that are sorely lacking in the current musical scene. All in all, Showell delivers a solid effort that will surely please his fans and bring him a slew of new ones. Listen to “Girl Like Me” below.

This song is the property of Jazmine Sullivan.