Morray became your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper following the release of his debut single “Quicksand” in October. But the Fayetteville North Carolina native doesn’t rhyme about falling into fame like quicksand; the song likens it to not getting consumed by life on the streets. And rappers who faced the same feat in the same neighborhood have taken a liking to Morray. He has received praise from fellow North Carolina natives J Cole and DaBaby. “Quicksand” has even found a home on Jay’ Z’s 2020 Vision COVID 19 Tidal Playlist. Through his deep, illustrative lyricism and melodic trap cadences, the MC is very clear about what picture he’s trying to paint of life in the hood. “Quicksand” marks Morray’s first career entry on the Billboard chart. “Quicksand” tallied 3. 2 million U. S. streams in the latest tracking week, according to MRC Data. Listen to “Quicksand” below.

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