While I was exposed to many genres of music growing up, R&B/funk was in heavy rotation in my mother’s home. As the music blared from the speakers, it felt like it was urging me to get up and dance until my feet hurt. And I did. Every time I heard it. With that in mind, I’ve compiled a list of the greatest R&B/funk bands of all time in no particular order.

  1. Sly & The Family Stone
  2. Earth, Wind & Fire
  3. Parliment-Funkadelic
  4. Mandrill
  5. Cameo
  6. Average White Band
  7. The Commodores
  8. Brick
  9. New Birth
  10. LTD
  11. Switch
  12. Tower Of Power
  13. Con Funk Shun
  14. The Ohio Players
  15. Heatwave
  16. Zapp
  17. Slave
  18. Fazo
  19. Lakeside
  20. Midnight Star
  21. The Gap Band
  22. The Dazz Band
  23. Maze Featuring Frankie Beverly
  24. The Barkays
  25. Rufus
  26. The Time
  27. The Deele
  28. Klymaxx
  29. War
  30. The JBs