This song is the property of OsKeyz.

January started with an unexpected collaborative project between independent artist Conya Doss and musician/producer OsKeyz. titled “6019.” The album features the single “Happy Valley.” Wrapped in a midtempo groove led by steady percussion, Doss sings about the feeling that a new love provides and how her actions take her on a ride that she never wants to leave. Her vocal layering on the verses and hook helps enhance the lyrics, and compliments the melodic backdrop OsKeyz provides on keyboards. The track evolves to a vamp at the end, fading but leaving the listener wanting to hear more. The slight tease is a nice coda that fits into the overall vibe of the song. Although her next album won’t be released until later this year, Conya Doss fans can enjoy “Happy Valley” and the rest of the “6019” project. Listen to “Happy Valley” below.