Today, veteran rapper Busta Rhymes, legendary rap duo M.O.P and Staten Island newcomer CJ release the video for the remix of “Czar”, taken from “Extinction Level Event 2: The Wrath Of God.” The visual is a montage of the New York-based acts reinforcing their position in hip hop royalty with signature quick, aggressive, and pristine delivery. Produced by Rockwilder and directed by Benny Boom, the visual is clean and classic with a monochromatic aesthetic that puts the dynamic chemistry of Rhymes, M.O.P and CJ on display. The black and white clips shift between the MCs explosively bantering as if they’re in a cypher, and closes with Busta claiming his throne, alongside M.O.P. and CJ, dubbing themselves the czars of their generations. Watch “Czar (Remix)” below.

This song is the property of The Conglomerate Entertainment, Inc./Empire.