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EarthGang is an American hip hop duo from Atlanta, GA. The group is composed of Johnny “Olu” Venus and Eian “Doctur Dot” Parker. They are co-founders of the music collective Spillage Village, along with JID, Hollywood JB, JordxnBryant, 6lack and Mereba. Formed in 2008, EarthGang released their first EP, “The Better Party”, in 2010. This was followed by several singles and two mixtapes, “Mad Men” and “Good News” in 2011. In 2013, the duo released their debut album “Shallow Graves For Toys”, which was largely well received. Their sophomore effort, “Strays With Rabies”, was released to positive reviews in 2015. After signing with J Cole’s Dreamville Records, EarthGang released a trilogy of EPs: “Rags”, “Robots” and “Royalty”, which led to their major label debut album “Mirrorland.”