Singer Vita Lioni just released the single “The Way You Love Me.” “The Way You Love Me” is a ballad that gets under your skin and works its magic. You can’t help but feel this song. The song starts off entrancing and becomes more seductive as it continues. Vita is a Filipina/Canadian who resides in Vancouver where she produces, sings and writes R&B music. She grew up listening to Sade, Seal, Boyz To Men, Janet Jackson and Aaliyah. Today, she is a tried and true R&B musician. Vita Lioni is a gifted vocalist with a significant grasp of matching lyrics to notes. “The Way You Love Me” is masterfully crafted and performed. It envelopes the listener and wraps them in the mood she sets and throughout the song, she further enraptures the listener: keeping them trapped as the rapture builds. R&B singer/songwriter John Michael just released the highly anticipated single and lyric video “Before This Drink Is Done” featuring Noel Gourdin. “Before This Drink Is Done” delivers a mid-tempo groove with a chill laid-back smooth and sexy vibe, that has Michael expressing his feelings for someone he wants to move out of the friend zone and into the love zone. The song contains heartfelt lyrics that make it difficult to turn him down. “Before This Drink Is Done” is now available via all digital streaming platforms. Listen to “Before This Drink Is Done” below.

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