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Ann Peebles is an American singer/songwriter who gained recognition for her Memphis soul albums for Hi Records in the 1970s. Two of her most popular songs are “I Can’t Stand The Rain”, which she co-wrote with her husband Don Bryant and radio broadcaster Bernie Miller, and “I’m Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down.” In 2014, Ann Peebles was inducted into the Memphis Music Hall of Fame. She has released the albums “This Is Ann Peebles” (1969), “Part Time Love” (1971), “Straight From The Heart” (1972), “I Can’t Stand The Rain” (1974), “Telling It” (1975), “If This Is Heaven” (1977), “The Handwriting Is On The Wall” (1979), “Call Me” (1989), “Full Time Love” (1992) and “Fill This World With Love” (1996).