LovAndre recently released the single “That’s My Girl Too.” With a slamming beat and enticing lyrics, this R&B ballad celebrates the eternal essence of romanticism and love making. With a smooth delivery, this fantastic artist showcases his magnificent vocals and presence on the mic. The captivating beat is guaranteed to keep your fingers snapping and toes tapping all night. The song is tearing up the urban contemporary charts on the indie scene with eloquent vibes that speak volumes about the new R&B scene. LovAndre is synonymous with dazzling lyrics and music that transcends many styles and genres. The uniqueness of the song is one that will resonate with the hearts, minds and souls of listeners for years to come. His deep, soulful voice attracts and engages new and long time R&B fans. LovAndre is an incredible artist out of Chicago and has a bright future ahead of him. Listen to “That’s My Girl Too” below.

This song is the property of LovAndre.