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Charly Wingate, known professionally as Max B., is an American rapper/singer/songwriter. He is best known for his solo “Public Domain” and “Million Dollar Baby” mixtape series, and introducing the term “wavy” as a slang in popular lexicon. He released his debut mixtape in 2006, and signed a recording contract with fellow rapper Jim Jones’ label/group ByrdGang. Following a streak of financial and ethical grievances, Wingate parted ways with Jones in 2008. The two became embroiled in a bitter feud which pitted Jones and his associates on one side, and Max B. and his affiliates on the other. Wingate is associated with producer Dame Grease, and French Montana where the two collaborated on the Coke Wave mixtape series. He has released several mixtapes, and released his debut album “Vigilante Season” in 2011.