Singer Wade C. Long returns with the single “Running.” The song has a thumping beat with a Kraftwerk-influenced synth-wave and slow techno background. The radio edit is incredible, with deep vocals that echo into your mind and soul. A unique production with trendy lyrics and a captivating sound, this smooth yet vibrant track is a must for new R&B listeners. There is something very different about this song; the angelic, deep vocals and swaying sounds will dazzle your ears. The atmospheric sounds and steady beat enhances the track at every turn. Wade C. has a magnificent vocal presence with great versatility and reach. If you love old school R&B with today’s electro-inspired accents, this is one number that cannot be missed. You will play this track again and again as it touches the soul and melts the heart with every verse. Wade C. Long is an established singer/songwriter/producer at Sealong Entertainment. Based in Los Angeles, CA, he is also a screenwriter who specializes in audio, visual, and literary arts. He is a sought after songwriter who is synonymous with beautiful lyrics and captivating music. He has published several books and novels with an original television series and motion picture in development. The positive energy and vibes of this song are second to none. This unique composition is a melodious jam that eloquently combines several musical styles and genres. The track continues to attract listeners across all social media and streaming platforms. Wade has created a bit of magic that will keep you running to your media player. If you love new music with an R&B essence, “Running” is the song for you. Scuuba Steve just released his debut EP “Something In The Water.” The project contains six tracks, all produced by Steve. The album showcases the unique vocals and lyrics of Scuuba from track to track. This EP continues to captivate listeners across the social media realm with a smooth blend of hip hop, R&B and other musical styles and genres. The magnificent vocals, positive vibes, and funky beats will dazzle your ears at every play of the album. These songs are alternative rap at its best. Accentuated with new wave accents and aesthetics that are on another level musically. Experience the rap fused R&B magic of Scuuba Steve by listening to “Sirens” below.

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