The best songs take the listener on a journey. A true artist takes you some place. That place may not always be where you want to go, however, you will always be better after going on this musical journey because you will learn something about the artist, the world and yourself. Jamaican singer Sevana paints a vivid and moving portrait of a woman’s journey from abuse at the hands of a man to her decision to take control of her life. The track sports an arrangement that features a drum that sets a martial pace, played off against haunting strings and Sevana’s powerful vocals as she takes her listener on a woman’s trek through longsuffering victimhood, mind control, anger and finally freedom. Sevana is an emerging international star and one of a growing number of Jamaican artists putting their stamp on the music of the island. Her ability to fuse reggae with gospel, R&B, folk and elements of hip hop captured the attention of the taste makers at NPR, and Sevanna was featured on their Tiny Desk concert series. Listen to “Set Me On Fire” below.

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