Rising R&B singer Blakk Soul has stepped into the spotlight with his new single “Right Here.” “Right Here” is the crooner’s first release since his 2020 album “Take Your Time.” Lyrically, Soul bares it all as he professes his unwavering love to the woman standing in front of him. The song’s vulnerable lyrics and impassioned vocal performance are what draw you immediately. Soncially, the track starts with just piano then builds as the verse and chorus kick in. In a highly synthesized musical world, the use of live instruments is a refreshing choice that only amplifies the warmth of the record. “Right Here” certainly deserves to be added to your playlist. Atlanta native Dixson is bringing the heat with his new single “KREAM.” The song samples the Wu Tang Clan classic, but with one catch. Dixson’s acronym for Kitty Rules Everything Around Me is sure to have tongues wagging. Lyrically, the song is littered with an array of double entendres that are sure to be quoted in the Instagram captions of its listeners. Sonically, the song gives classic Prince vibes, but with a modern twist. Vocally, Dixson displays masterful control of his instrument as he shows off his wide vocal range on the song. The song is sure to satisfy fans of Miguel and Ro James. With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, this is the prefect song to set the late-night mood. I highly recommend adding this one to your playlist.

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