On April 9, 2021, veteran rap group Onyz will release a new album, “Onyx 4 Life”, which includes collaborations with Cappadonna, Planet Asia and Mad Lion among others. Sticky Fingaz and Fredro Star released the single and video, “Coming Outside”, which is now available on all DSPs. See album artwork and tracklist below.

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1. “The Whole World”
2. “Ahh Yeah” feat. Mad Lion
3. “Ha Ha Ha” feat. Cappadonna
4. “We Take”
5. “South Side” feat Panama PI
6. “Snitches Get Stitches”
7. “We Got Chu” feat. Planet Asia
8. “Hold It Down”
9. “Boom Bash”
10. “Hard Shit” feat. Sickflo & Snak The Ripper
11. “Afficial Nast”
12. “Demon Time”

13. “Coming Outside”