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Rodney O & Joe Cooley were an American rap group from Compton, CA. The group consisted of rapper Rodney O and DJ Joe Cooley. They’re remembered for the singles “Everlasting Bass”, “Cooley High” and “This Is For The Homies.” At the height of their popularity, the group toured with MC Lyte, N.W.A., Kool Moe Dee and Grandmaster Flash. The group would gain more popularity in South Florida than in their native Southern California, giving them a pioneering role in Miami bass. Though their 1987 single “Everlasting Bass” never charted, it is their best remembered song. In 2015, Rolling Stone magazine named it one of the 20 Greatest West Coast Rap Songs released prior to N.W.A.’ s 1988 album “Straight Outta Compton.” After over a decade of silence, the group announced that they were planning a new album. The album was tentatively titled “Joe & Me”, but only the single “That Supa Radio” materialized. They released the albums “Me & Joe” (1988), “Three The Hard Way” (1990), “Get Ready To Roll” (1991), “Fuck New York” (1993), “Everlasting Hits: The Best Of Rodney O & Joe Cooley” (1995), “The Final Chapter” (1998) and “Veteran’s Day” (1999).