Rising R&B singer Liyah just released her new single “Always There.” The Toronto native’s latest release is sure to have young women everywhere singing along with the catchy, relatable tune. Soncially, the uptempo number fits in perfectly with the current wave of R&B. However, what makes it stand out is it’s insightful lyrics and Liyah’s sweet but street vocal performance. That duality is reminiscent of the late, great Aaliyah, who was always able to blend hip hop with a pop sensibility. This comparison is noteworthy given that Liyah was named after the beloved singer. She says the song is about realizing your worth as an individual and wanting to be valued in a relationship. That level of emotional maturity indicates that Liyah is wise beyond her years. She describes her sound as sweet, refreshing, and having the best of both worlds. “Always There” perfectly captures this. Listen to “Always There” below.

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