DFD Music signees Davis Chris and Mr. Foster just released the single “Stay Inside.” The song stays true to its roots while also playing on the current state of the world. “Stay Inside” seems like the perfect name for a song in 2021, however it takes on a few different meanings as you would hope music would if you’ve been staying in. This record is for you, but if you’ve been staying inside a lot with your partner, this song is even more perfect for your life. With a lights down low vibe, this song is the perfect date night at home anthem. With clever lyrics and a play on words, what feels like another Covid song attempt quickly draws your attention and commands the room. Incredibly reminiscent of Marvin Gaye with a 90s style beat, it won’t take you long to figure out what Davis Chris and Mr. Foster are trying to hint at on their latest single. The word play is indeed a little surprising in the best way, but once you hear it, you’ll never forget it. With the addition of AmoneyBoo’s vocal stylings, “Stay Inside” will find an audience among those who can relate to the many ways the world has changed, and the many ways that it has not changed, all at the same time. DFD Music has gotten ahead of the curve on songs that help us remember that it isn’t so bad to be on lockdown if you’re on lockdown with a person who makes you glad to be alone with them. Listen to “Stay Inside” below.

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