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Onyx is an American hip hop group from South Jamaica Queens, New York City. Formed in 1988, the group’s original lineup consisted of Fredro Starr, Suave and the late Big DS. Sticky Fingaz joined the group in 1991. They are best known for their 1993 hit “Slam”, which The Source magazine described as a song that introduced the art of slam dancing to hip hop. The group has released eight studio albums, three of which have charted in the Billboard 200 albums chart Top 25. Their debut album, “Badafucup”, has been certified platinum, won Best Rap Album at the Soul Train Awards and was selected as one of The Source magazine’s 100 Best Rap Albums. They are also notable for their style: loud screaming, aggression, fighting with each other, stage diving, throwing water, rapping with a grimy voice and the bald head fashion. They have released the albums “Bacdafucup” (1993), “All We Got Iz Us” (1995), “Shut Em Down” (1998), “Bacdafucup Pt. 2” (2002), “Triggermometry” (2003), “#WakeDaFucUp” (2014), “Against All Authorities” (2015), “Shotgunz In Hell” (2017), “Black Rock” (2018) and “SnowMads” (2019). The group recently announced that they will release the album “Onyx 4 Life” on April 9, 2021. “Coming Outside” is the lead single from the album.