Sibling R&B duo Chloe x Halle released the video for the title track of their latest album “Ungodly Hour” last night. The eye popping clip, directed by Alfred Marroquin, opens with the sisters dressed in head-to-toe blue vinyl outfits inside a dark, mysterious laboratory, posing and twitching to the song’s heartbeat rhythm as the lights flicker around them. The scene then turns to a shallow pool, with both singers laying in the water wearing nude-colored, bedazzled body suits in between flashes of them in spare expanse sporting silver gowns and Erykah Badu-like facial hardware. The whole thing feels like a glimpse of dystopian, fashion-forward future set to the song’s soothing flow and vocals. The siblings revealed that they have several exciting things coming from their individual Twitter accounts, which they launched last Thursday. The singers showed love to their 1 million Twitter followers before showing off their individual handles: @chloebailey and @hallebailey. Chloe asked her 226,000 followers what her new header should be while Halle promised to give fans a glimpse into her happy space where only positivity and love is allowed. Watch “Ungodly Hour” below.

This song is the property of Parkwood Entertainment/Columbia.