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Dorothy Moore is an American blues, gospel and R&B singer from Jackson, MS. She is best known for her 1976 hit “Misty Blue.” She has released the albums “Lullaby Of Love” (1966), “Misty Blue” (1976), “Dorothy Moore” (1977), “Once Moore With Feeling” (1978), “Definitely Dorothy” (1979), “Talk To Me” (1980), “Just Another Broken Heart” (1984), “I’m Giving It Straight To You” (1986), “Time Out For Me” (1988), “Winner” (1989), “Feel The Love” (1990), “Talk To Me” (1991), “Stay Close To Home” (1992), “Misty Blue & Other Hits” (1996), “More Of Moore” (1996), “Songs To Love By” (1998), “Please Come Home For Christmas” (2002), “I’m Doing Alright” (2005), “Getting Down Live” (2005), “Blues Heart” (2012) and “I’m Happy With The One I Got Now” (2020).