Devontaii is a Miami based singer who is bringing R&B to another level for the sunshine state. Staying true to his love of music he just released the single “Brown Sugar Thang.” “Brown Sugar Thang” is an ode to the divinity of the Black woman. From the look, touch, and the very essence of, “Brown Sugar Thang” likened to the sweet natural taste and feel of the popular and widely used sweetener known as brown sugar. The song gives praise to the beauty of brown and darker hued women by letting them know they are more than just beautiful, but they are everything and then some! Making good music is Devontaii’s passion, and it shows. The song not only fills a void in R&B, but gives listeners something to vibe to. Check out “Brown Sugar Thang” below. August Alsina just released the visual for his latest single “Pretty.” The song alone has a beautiful message. The visual solidifies the true definition of beauty. All the models featured in the clip display what the rest of the world would call imperfections. Alsina hones in on the idea to not accept the ideology that society has placed on us, and what is considered beautiful. We’re all unique, and at some point or another ponder the age old question, what is beauty? “Pretty” is an excellent reminder that we hold the power of our own allure. The confidence we possess will be a reflection to the world. Black girl and boy magic was on full display, and it’s a tribute to the culture. There are several moments one could focus on, but the true highlight is the showing of the mothers’ belly. Many mothers can relate to having that part of their vanity gone due to pregnancy. The extra skin is praised and deserves love because they gave love. Watch “Pretty” below.

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