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Conya Doss is an American singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist who has been a major figure in independent music for over a decade. Doss is known as an innovator and is widely known for her eclectic work and light vocal range. She is known as the Queen of Indie Soul. Her music fuses R&B, soul, funk, neo soul and jazz. Her debut album, “A Poem About Ms. Doss”, was released in 2002. Over the course of years, she would release two more albums: “Just Because” (2004) and “Love Rain Down” (2006). Her breakthrough album “Still” was released in 2008, which featured the lead single “What I’d Do.” In 2010, Doss released her fifth album “Blue Transition” and followed up with “A Pocketful Of Purpose” in 2012. Doss released her seventh album “Seven: VII” in 2015. She’s set to release the album “Rose Colored Glasses” later this year.