This song is the property of Joyce Wrice.

Singer/songwriter Joyce Wrice takes center stage with her new single “On One.” A California native who grew up absorbing 1990s soul and hip hop, Joyce has spent several years honing her songwriting skills and supple soprano, since releasing her debut album, “Stay Around”, in 2016. “On One” describes the conundrum of wanting to get close to a man who stays in “perpetually tripping” mode. Freddie Gibbs lends his flow to the bridge and is one of several special guests who appear on Wrice’s album, “Overgrown.” The song was executive produced by D’Mile and combines her love for rap and R&B hybrids, with a flavorful twist. Saucy without being overtly sexual, confident without being cocky: the 1990s were all that. Joyce Wrice is a voice to listen to among the resurgents, as “On One” is certainly a standout.