In 1993, R&B vocal group H Town released their debut album “Fever For Da Flavor”, which featured the singles “Knocking The Boots” and “Keeping My Composure.” They went on to release two more albums during the decade, one of which produced the hit “Emotions.” Now, the Houston natives have returned with the single “Super Love”, the lead single from their new EP “Date Night.” Incorporating their familiar 90s-honed approach, the croon and 808 with present day drip, Darryl “G.I.” Jackson and Solomon “Shazam” Connor lace “Super Love” with promises of a happily-ever-after, at least for the night. Lead singer Kevin “Dino” Connor may be missing from them in body, but his swagger and spirit remain an integral part of the signature H Town sound. The approach, the action, the aftermath, H Town has always been a collective that’s explored the ups and downs of relationships, but with Spring just around the corner, why not start with the first boom of romance. Everybody’s got their own tastes, but Shazam and G.I. are confident that their flavor of “Super Love” will have just the amount of Southern flavor you need for a sweet start. Listen to “Super Love” below.

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