Brothers Al and Ty, known professionally as The Chestnut Brothers, are musicians with a mission. That mission is to use their music to spread love. Sometimes that mission leads them to write songs like “Come To Me.” Other times the brothers feel compelled to write songs like “Traveling On”, a spirit filled number where they declare their faith that God’s love will allow them to overcome all challenges as they make their way through life. Then there’s “Stop The Violence”, a cut that has become The Chestnut Brothers’ theme song. On that song, their love for the community and their people compels them to write a song about the violence they see and announce their desire to make a change. Those are all original numbers, but the brothers have done a remake of a soul classic for their latest single. The Rev. Al Green released “Let’s Stay Together” in 1972. The original, with its tight horns, and Green’s voice straddling the line between Saturday night and Sunday morning, is the definitive of the Memphis sound as produced by Hi Records. “Let’s Stay Together” is one of those tracks that conjures up good times. Backyard picnics on summer weekends or a bunch of friends having a good time at a card party. That’s the spirit that Al and Ty want to capture on this upbeat version that has the sound of 1980s keyboard driving funk fused with a little 1970s blues guitar work. While the song is about two people trying to hang in there through all the ups and downs that come with a relationship, it perhaps carries a deeper meaning during this time of national unrest and reckoning. Still Al and Ty think “Let’s Stay Together” is the musical balm we all need. Listen to “Let’s Stay Together” below.

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