torried run continued into the 2000s, when he churned out “X Gon Give It To Ya” and “R&B/Hip Hop Songs top 10 “Pary Up (Up In Here).” While X’s aggression lured fans in, it was his versatility that kept them enthralled. From juggling such topics as money-hungry women on “What These B**ches Want”, to battling his demons on “Slipping”, X never shortchanged the listeners from his thrilling experiences. Check out DMX’s best songs below.
  1. Get At Me Dogg
  2. How’s Going Down
  3. Stop Being Greedy
  4. Ruff Ryders
  5. Slippin
  6. What’s My Name
  7. What These B**ches Want
  8. Party Up (Up In Here)
  9. Who We Be
  10. X Gon Give It To Ya