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The Brides Of Funkenstein were an American funk group originally composed of singers Dawn Silva and Lynn Mabry. Previously background singers for Sly Stone, Mabry and Silva joined the P-Funk collective in the mid-1970s. George Clinton named the group based on a storyline and characters from the Parliment album “Clones Of Dr. Funkenstein.” The Brides provided background vocals for the 1977 album “Games, Dames And Guitar Thangs” by guitarist Eddie Hazel. George Clinton went on to produce the Brides’ debut album, “Funk Or Walk”, for Atlantic Records in 1978. The album was a success, selling over three hundred thousand copies within the first week as well as winning a Record World award for best new female group. The group went on to release the albums “Never By Texas From A Cowboy” (1979) and “Live At The Howard Theater” (1994).