After signing with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis’ Perspective Records, Raja-Nee made inroads on urban radio with her 1994 single “Turn It Up.” Thanks to landing a spot on the soundtrack of the film “A Low Down Dirty Shame”, the song reached the Top 40 on the R&B charts. But shortly thereafter, the label suddenly shuttered and Raja-Nee faded into the background. Now almost three decades later, Raja-Nee returns from her long sabbatical from music with the highly anticipated follow up to her debut album “Hot & Ready.” And for her first attempt at a comeback, Raja-Nee delivers the single “Come Get This Love.” It’s a titillating ballad highlighted with exquisite soulful musicianship from John “The Saint” Morris and Wilfred “Nenja” Frelixher, and cozied perfectly with amorous vocals from the Chicago-based songstress. It’s so easy to fall in love with this rapturous throwback 90s neo-soul and dreamy Aaliyah R&B. Listen to “Come Get This Love” below.

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