Rapper Busta Rhymes reconnects with singer Mariah Carey in the video for their new duet, “Where I Belong.” The clip, which intersperses performance clips of the dynamic duo singing the song’s wistful hook with graphic novel-style animated clips of ninjas battling, is a sequel of sorts to the visual for the duo’s 2002 hit “Want.” “The past chases you, until it catches you”, Busta laments in the visual that picks up where the sensual “What You Want” clip left off in the George W. Bush era, complete with a flashback to that video’s cartoon panel subplot and shots of Rhymes and Carey playfully circling each other as she sings the ballad’s alluring hook. Another Easter egg features La’Shonte “Tae” Heckard returning as Rhymes’ paramour, who was kidnapped in the “What You Want” storyline and rescued by Rhymes and actor Michael Jai White, with the latter also reprising his role. But mostly it’s about Carey, in a shiny liquid leather burgundy mini-dress, circling around a black clad Rhymes sharing the spotlight as they circle each other in what looks like a parking garage. And Rhymes and White display some marital arts moves before finding out Heckard may not have been as imperiled as they thought, leading to a reveal of a dark secret. Watch the “Where I Belong” video below.

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