DJ Khaled Releasing New Album Khaled Khaled This Friday | Pitchfork

Yesterday, DJ Khaled announced that his forthcoming album “Khaled Khaled” will be released Friday, April 30, 2021 via We The Best Music, Epic Records and Roc Nation. He also revealed that his children will take a leading role on the recording. He also shared the album’s art work,which features Khaled and his two sons, Asahd and Aalam. On Monday, he announced that “Khaled Khaled” was 99. 1% done via a one minute clip featuring a choir singing behind him as he preached the good news about his upcoming album. He confirmed in the comments section of Meek Mill’s #Zone Instagram photograph that he has received the rapper’s vocals as well. Last July, Khaled placed two singles in the Billboard Hot 100 with the help of Drake’s “Popstar”, which peaked at No. 3 on the chart, and “Greece”, which reached No. 8.