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Marcus Machado has been lending his guitar licks to vocalists and instrumentalists for years. He can give you some blues picking that will remind you of B.B.King, and he can give you some rock distortion as well. Rolling Stone magazine named him one of the Young Guns, or guitarists we should be watching. Machado steps into the spotlight with the album “Aquarius Purple.” “Aquarius Purple” is a throwback to an era in R&B music when bands used their albums to showcase a full palette of skills. Machado’s father introduced him to Jimi Hendrix, while his mother fed him a steady diet of jazz (John Coltrane) and R&B (Earth, Wind & Fire). Those influences can be heard on the single “Get By.” The track fuses Jimi Hendrix styled psychedelic guitar licks with contemporary R&B percussion topped off with soulful vocal improvisations. It’s a mashup that allows Machado to showcase his imaginative creativity as a soloist and it is amazing how much he manages to pack into a track a little less than three minutes. Check out “Get By.”