Saweetie is back with another visual from her album “Pretty Summer Playlist: Season 1.” This time she teamed up with rapper Loui for a fun high school-themed video for their duet “Talking Bout.” Three weeks ago Loui showed the behind the scenes of the music video, sending social media into a frenzy. In the days leading up to the release, the rapper teased visuals for his fans. Two days later, the music video was released. Meanwhile, Saweetie released the 7-track-playlist last month, which she says will be a new tradition. Hince, the phrase season 1. Saweetie wants to release a playlist every summer to share her platform with up-and-coming artists. This season the rapper chose to have BbyAfricka, Kendra Jae, Drakeo The Ruler, Lourdiz, and Loui. So far, she’s only released a video with two of the artists. She also created a visual with Drakeo The Ruler. The two rappers teamed up to shoot a fun music video for “Risky.” That video was released in conjunction with “Pretty Summer Playlist.” Watch “Talking Bout” below.

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