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Terri Bjerre, known professionally as Terri Green, is an American singer who has released several remixes and singles and collaborated with Eixissa and Avant Garde among others. She and her band, The Terri Green Project, recently released the single “Sneaking Out.” On “Sneaking Out”, the band pulls off funky riffs reminiscent of Chic and Jamiroquai. The mood is an odd contrast to the message inside, which finds a confrontational Bjerre singing about the dubious actions of her lover. Written and produced by Green and Abrolat, this bubbly uptempo track is rife with juicy soul and dance floor jubilation. And with a hooky chorus and gorgeous layers of strings duplicating the sweetness of a 70s Philly soul disco gem, it’s hard to resist the magnetic pull of this joyful retro smash. Enjoy.