Songwriters/producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis are legends. They began their careers as members of the 80s funk band The Time before going on to write and produce material for Janet Jackson, Alexander O’Neal, Cherrelle and many more. The pair announced some time ago that they were preparing their first album as recording artists, entitled “Jam & Lewis Vol. 1”, and they’ve released the singles “Till I Found You” featuring the Sounds Of Blackness and “He Don’t know Nothing Bout It” featuring Babyface to get fans ready. Now they’ve reunited with singer Mariah Carey, with whom they made magic two decades ago on the single “Thank God I Found You” on the new single “Somewhat Loved.” The dramatic ballad changes tempo midstream, allowing Carey to display her whispery soft soprano and her open-throated singing to the heavens. It all sounds great. Listen to “Somewhat Loved” below.

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