Tyler The Creator is back with the release of the music video for his single “WUSYANAME”, just one week after the release of “Lumberjack.” The two minute clip, which debuted Tuesday, begins with narration from Tyler as he describes a road trip to an undisclosed location. Upon his arrival at what appears to be a country club, Tyler spots a woman who becomes the apple of his eye. The visual may be a continuation of last week’s video “Lumberjack”, in which Tyler receives a manicure with the same mint-green nail polish that he sports in the new “WUSYANAME” video. As the new music video progresses, Tyler The Creator finds himself in awe as he follows the striking woman. And while the song’s 90s infused rhythm is melodic and his lyrics are smooth, the “WUSYANAME” video concludes in a hilarious plot twist: It turns out that Tyler’s crush was totally aloof to his serenade the entire time and was actually walking to deliver a croissant to her date at a nearby table. Yikes. Tyler announced last week that his new album, “Call Me If You Get Lost”, will arrive Friday. Watch the “WUSYANAME” video below.

This song is the property of Tyler The Creator.