In the 1970s, The Spinners were one of the hottest R&B vocal groups in the music industry. With producer Thom Bell at their side, the quintet delivered some of the most elegant Philadelphia soul albums of the era, albums that are still revered by soul music fans more than four decades later. While illness and the deaths of members has left the group with one original member, Henry Fambrough, The Spinners have soldiered on in concert with a lineup that includes Jessie Peck, Marvin Taylor, Ronnie Moss and CJ Jefferson. Now, the group is preparing its first album in more than two decades. “Round The Block And Back Again” will be released this summer, and the first preview is the midtempo number, “Cliche.” Produced by Preston Glass, “Cliche” is a pleasant updating of The Spinners sound, with strong group harmonies and alternating leads wrapped around a light arrangement that has a classic soul vibe. It’s a pleasant surprise to hear new music from this legendary group. Listen to “Cliche.” below.

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