If you have been on TikTok in the last couple days I guarantee you have heard “Yours, mine, ours/I could do this for hours…”

Those are the words and vocals of Muni Long and her rising hit “Hrs and Hrs,” which has taken over the TikTok community with many romantic creations. Since the release of the hit in November 2021, “Hrs and Hrs” has earned 169.2M+ video views to date on 114.7K+ global video creations. And that’s before Valentine’s Day rolls around.

The single has been used for compilations of candid moments, cozy indoor date nights, and footage of early Valentine’s Day proposals. TikTok creators have also created a challenge of sorts, the #HrsAndHrsKaraoke hashtag that will provide covers and verses to the single. Showing the single has also reached celebrities, Latto engages the audience by sharing her recipe for seafood lasagna rolls. Jordyn Woods, Jacob Latimore, Tea Cooper, and others are among the noteworthy artists/celebrities who have reacted to Muni’s song.