Whether you’re cuddled up with your Valentine, daydreaming about a crush, crying over an ex, or surrounded by fellow single friends, this weeks Fresh Picks playlist has you covered. Dive into this week’s love-centric new releases from such artists as Omar Apollo, Eli Derby and Kate Stewart.

Kate Stewart, “Hate You”

London singer Kate Stewart is celebrating Valentine’s Day the right way with her new song, “Hate You.” A tell-off to exes and celebration of women’s camaraderie, the track features her deep vocals as she sings slowly, confidently and with attitude. “Following a rough relationship, there are times where you may feel low, but this is a reminder that you are strong and that no man should be the reason for your downfall,” Stewart says in a press statement. “Hate You” is the first single off her upcoming EP You Had To Be There.

Zhavia, “God Sent You”


Former The Four finalist Zhavia drops her new single and first of the year this month, “God Sent You.” Fusing elements of pop, R&B and rock, the L.A.-based singer yearns for something real. “‘God Sent You’ is about realizing the potential and greatness you could have with someone and wanting to commit to it fully,” she says of the song in a press release.

Vince Staples & Mustard, “Magic”

A teamup between two of West Coast hip-hop’s finest, the bouncy track was initially teased during a Beats by Dre campaign for the producer-rapper duo’s new Fit Pro earbuds. “Feeling like I’m floating to the ceiling, is it magic?/ Baby, tell me why you disappearin’, is it magic?,” Staples sings for the chorus. “Magic” is the first single off his upcoming album Ramona Park Broke My Heart, due this spring. 

Wesley Joseph, “Cold Summer”

British artist Wesley Joseph recently signed to independent label, Secretly Canadian, and released a new single to celebrate. His first song of the year, “Cold Summer” was created alongside producer Leon Vynehall and takes shape as a supervillain’s theme music. “I wanted to create the theme music for a supervillain’s return, something that felt uneasy, tense, and eerie, yet completely encapsulating — that would feel like the perfect beginning to the next chapter,” Joseph says of the song in a press statement. “As soon as we got the atmospherics and drums down, we couldn’t stop playing it.”

Eli Derby, “Love Song”

Rising singer Eli Derby is young and in love on his new single, “Love Song.” Only his second-ever solo single, the Love Renaissance signee is adept at creating catchy tunes. For the video, he and his lover are cheesy and innocent, channeling the early aughts through their fashion and bubbly photoshoot wallpaper.

Orion Sun, “dirty dancer”

Orion Sun’s latest single is beautifully hopeless. The east coast singer vulnerably longs for her lover–waiting at the red light, in line at the grocery store, in an Uber and as her clothes dry. In other words: all the time. As her slightly raspy vocals float, a warm guitar instrumental loops in the background, amidst thumping kicks and rimshots.


Omar Apollo feat. Daniel Caesar, “Invincible”

It’s a musical match made in heaven: Ahead of his upcoming album, Ivory, Omar Apollo joins forces with Toronto crooner Daniel Caesar on “Invincible.” The track melds together a number of different genre elements, from Caesar’s reggae-like cadence and melodies, to Apollo’s buttery alt-R&B vocals. “If I were to go/ Tell me, would you notice me?” Caesar sings, in a heart-wrenching falsetto, as Apollo’s staticky guitar chords beautifully fall into place in the background.

Fana Hues, “Wild Horses”

On “Wild Horses,” Fana Hues’s bright, airy melodies playfully flutter atop underwater percussion and deeply EQ’d strings. The track is equal parts ethereal and theatrical, with Hues’s thick harmonies expertly layered in between orchestral elements, as the California native mulls over a broken relationship.

Alex Vaughn, “Mirage”

LVRN singer Alex Vaughn dedicates her performance to a special someone on her trap-R&B single, “Mirage.” The singer’s tone is just as crystal-clear as her lyrical approach, questioning whether or not the love she felt was real.

Raveena feat. TWEAKS, “New Drugs”

“Cursed to be a woman/ Place a star in my mouth, leave my body for an hour,” Raveena sings on her deep cut, “New Drugs.” The track, featured on her latest album, Asha’s Awakening, embodies juxtaposition, approaching a heavy subject-matter with feather-light instrumentation, vocals and lyrics.