King Von’s posthumous album “What It Means To Be King” is complete. Scheduled to be released tomorrow, the rapper’s team has released the cover art for the album. The new release will bring fans up close and personal with Von, who covers his mouth with the backside of his hand. On display is an icy wrist, while his eyes glare directly at the listener. A few weeks ago, the video for Von’s recently released single “Don’t Play That” ft 21 Savage was shared by his estate. “Don’t Play That”, the lead single from Von’s forthcoming album “What It Means To Be King”, collected 1.4 million Apple Music streams, 1.2 million Spotify streams, and 1.1 million You Tube steams just 24 hours after its release. In the video, King Von lives out a wild day of mobbing with his crew and linking up with his lady friend to ride through the city and to the studio before meeting up with 21 Savage and speeding away in a vehicle chase in the song’s animated video. Atop the Kid Hazel beat, the visual matches Von’s hyperactive delivery and 21 Savage’s sinister deadpan delivery. The video follows the announcement of the album “What It Means To Be King.” Check out the artwork below.