Detroit’s Hip Hop scene has constantly been burgeoning with hungry talent. Some of the veteran artists from Motown just a glance away from international recognition is the case with Lord Jessiah. The Detroit underground mainstay, along with Wu-Tang affiliate producer Bronze Nazareth and Lord Jessiah, has dropped their latest joint offering in the form of a full-length LP called Time Waits For No One

The album features Mickey Factz, Bronze Nazareth, Recognize Ali, Ty Farris, and more. Production is helmed by Bronze Nazareth, who produced the lead single “Audubon.”

This project will be available via all streaming platforms. Lord Jessiah took time crafting each bar for this release to present the listeners with a ‘no skips’ album. Listeners were first introduced to the Lord Jessiah and Bronze Nazareth’s combo by the latter’s 2014 single “J Evans,” where Jessiah capped off the song with an exceptional verse. He said, “I’m excited about this release because I’m ready. I took my time with it, and anything you take your time with is going to yield quality, this album will prove that.”

Lord Jessiah’s hunger gives “Time Waits For No One” a fever pitch of emotions and showcases his rollercoaster journey through Detroit’s underbelly. Bronze Nazareth, Producer, states, “This marks an exciting time in the development of Lord Jessiah as a solo artist, and the music he created here eclipses an already solid discography. So, it will be a testament to his growth and skill set. It’s like reading a book and being able to take your mind right into what Lord Jessiah offers on each song.” Lord Jessiah plans to distinguish his name further and cement his hip hop position with his full-length LP: “Time Waits For No One.” Check out the album artwork below.