Guin Records/The He (A) RD signee Solo Jaxon has finally released his EP “Godbody.” The rapper has released his 6-song EP via Sony Orchard after much anticipation. Despite the fact that Solo has always been the underdog, he is now receiving the same amount of attention as other industry heavyweights. With his Sylvan Lacue assisted hit “Jungle”, the rising star has received substantial editorial playlist support from Apple Music. Apple Music’s New In Hip Hop & Bars playlist features the Idle Kid-produced track. Solo Jaxon wastes no time on his latest project, which clocks in at 14 minutes. Solo is tactful in an era where there are so many distractions, and he wants to make the most of the time fans spend streaming his songs. This attitude is in line with the album’s title. Solo encourages his fans to connect with their true selves. As a result, everything you eat is of the finest caliber. His music is no exception. Although songs like “Good” and “Jungle” stand out, the entire album is chock-full of quality material. Listen to “Good” below.