Koffee’s third and final performance in her LIFT series, “Runaway”, which is taken from her album “Gifted”, was posted on Vevo, the world’s top music video network. In 2019, Koffee debuted on Vevo as a Vevo DSCVR artist, performing the singles “Toast” and “Raggamuffin.” Vevo and Koffee worked closely together to use projection, light and set design in a neutral yet elegant venue to draw inspiration from the images and aesthetics of the West Indies. The photograph, which was taken in a townhouse in central London, was intended to depict Koffee’s energy and positivity while she was surrounded by her band and gospel choir. The film attempted to toy with the audience’s perception of space, demonstrating that the West Indies is more than just a geographical location, but also a vibe, feeling and power that pervades its people’s spirits. Check out her live performance of “Runaway” below.

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